“I remember that day. I know exactly what I was doing …”

9-11 will forever remain in our hearts and the history books as a time when we all stopped. Together, we watched in horror at the images shown repeatedly and alone we cried at the stories behind them. In the numbness of the aftermath we prayed … ‘What could we do? How can we help?  Is there a way to make a difference?’

Beyond that we felt helpless

This past summer I met up with a friend from high school, Maureen (Young) Basnicki. Her husband Ken was one of the victims in the tragedy.

Waiting in a crowded store together, Maureen spoke openly about what she is going through personally and as an advocate in her campaign to beat terrorism. Although I sensed some frustration, she expressed how she has not lost hope. As the founding director of the ‘Canadian Coalition Against Terror’ she continues to fight for change in honour of the lives that were lost.

Just last week, Maureen was interviewed for ‘The Toronto Star series – 911 The Canadian Victims’. In the article she shared her goal “to have the Canadian government designate September 11 as an official day to remember the victims, not through sombre ceremonies but by performing good deeds.”

So it’s simple. On Sunday let’s join Maureen in her pursuit of ‘goodness’. Let’s do something to honour the lives that were taken that day.

Do it for the betterment of yourself, your neighbourhood or beyond. No pledges are needed, no funds collected, no registration, recording or recognition of the deed performed. It’s a private tribute.

Make an effort. It just might make a difference.



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