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The best way to describe Carole Bertuzzi Luciani is … she is a ‘Moodivational Speaker … to tickle your funny bone’. She strives to set the tone of the room by sharing her quick wit, astute observations and high energy with any group she has the pleasure to be with.

As a professional speaker for close to 30 years, Carole has spoken to hundreds of thousands of individuals from various pockets of the continent.

Drawing on her experience in education, healthcare, public relations and recreation Carole successfully meets the needs of today’s challenged society through her diversified topics. Whether it be Customer Service, Achieving Balance, Humour or Volunteering, Carole delivers sessions that are both thought provoking and highly entertaining. her approach can be described as ‘painless learning’.

Carole credits her three children and long time husband Joe for both the stress and the humour in her life. As she balances the demands of her work with the pleasure of her play, Carole is proud to admit the two often overlap.

Some stuff you really don’t need to know …

Beginning: Hamilton, Ontario … where she is related to half of the population with surnames ending in a vowel.

Early Years: Thorold Ontario … where her sense of humour was developed while being both educated and punished by the ‘Nuns’.

Teen Years: Spent in Mississauga but attended St. Joseph’s H.S. in Islington … where she more frequently earned accolades for sports, not academics but did receive top honours for ‘never having missed a day of school from Kindergarten to Grade 12’ … see it pays to ‘show up’.

University: Due to a serious surgery, Carole missed all Grade 13 exams, so was not accepted for admission to any university. With one suitcase and a plan, Carole headed to University of Waterloo. Although it took 3 weeks to gain admission, she earned an Honours BA in Recreation in 1975.

Real Jobs: Work experienced was varied but included a short term contract teaching Phys-Ed, Health & Religion, a position as Recreation Coordinator for geriatric patients and ultimately Director of P.R. at the Mississauga Hospital. Self employed since 1986 as a professional speaker, through CBL Presentations Inc. and since 2005 as owner and operator of Yard Duty, a landscape company she works with her children and friends.

As well as being one of Canada’s longstanding (literally) professional speakers, Carole has written two books … www.ihaveastoryforyou.com

I Have A Story For You ... Musings of the Moodivator Vol. 1 & 2