An early morning ode … in case you missed it

Well I woke for the Royal Wedding … though I never thought I would

That’s because to fall back asleep … was not something that I could

My mom had asked for a wakeup call … the early the better

But she already was awake … when I tried to get her

I switched around the stations … some were great and some were lame

The best were ones who didn’t rely … on thoughts from those with fame

I loved the entry to the church … all the hats and fascinators

Too bad they would have all been missed … by the procrastinators

Kate looked truly lovely … though not certain she could bend

Matters not because her brows … will surely set a trend

I hoped she thanked her attendant sis … who kept her looking fine

And for keeping that morning flowing train … fixed on the centre line

Those little ones were darling … how were they ever trained

Cuz even if they felt like a twitch … they really were restrained

The pomp was way over the top … the fans were all a glee

Watching from my curbside bed … that was the place to be

To think they camped out on the street … for a many day and night

Most just to witness … the coveted balcony sight

And the prince though willing to oblige … no one did object

Except instead of 3 quickies … why not one long juicy peck?

Now the last thing that I’ll comment on … perhaps more a rant than rave

The guys just look so goofy … when they execute that wave

With those white gloves and elbow in … upright waving hand

I pictured Mickey Mouse on parade … leader of the band

On that note I’m leaving … exhausted from the sights

Just hope the next big event … doesn’t keep us up all night

And that they can live in peace … alone to have some fun

Cuz next big news we’ll want to hear  … there’ll be a little one~!!~



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