Catch a Mood Lately?

Germs are everywhere. We catch a cold, catch the flu or the latest virus. But rarely do we read about or talk about the effects of catching a ‘mood’.

Imagine a good day. You have a dance step on your heart, a sparkle in your eye and a smile on your face. You feel happy to be alive and believe you are a person worth meeting. You are excited to share your ‘good humour’ with the world.

But, wait. There’s someone out there with another agenda. Misery is their mission and pity is their passion. Upon meeting Mona (Miserable Mona for short), you innocently ask a simple question: “how are you doing?’’

Whoa. It appears Mona has been waiting months for someone to personally acknowledge her existence.

“You wanna know how I’m doing? You wanna know what it’s like to be pre – peri – menopausal as each of my kids are going through puberty? You wanna know what it’s like to retain the swells of lake Ontario in my joints with every step?. You wanna know what it’s like when you tell your son it’s time to shave and he says “I’ll start when you do?””

Mona’s on a roll.

You are not prepared for her answer. Her ‘woe is me’ monologue is in the long version when all you want is the abbreviated form. Ordinarily you would interject with “now Mona let’s sprinkle a little joy on this conversation …”

But it’s too late for that. The tone has been set at doom ‘n gloom …
You don’t have time to prepare your defences.

You’re caught completely off guard. You intently listen to everything she has to say. You nod with compassion. You lean closer so you can hear everything that is being said without interference. Your eyes are intently focussed on hers. And as you listen, a strange thing happens. It is as though a dark cloth has suddenly been draped over you. It obscures your vision. It weighs heavily on your heart. The world around you has been reduced to one very narrow dark tunnel.

Mona continues …
Her dog’s on medication. He can’t sleep alone anymore since eating the Ikea furniture. Their basement flooded when they were away visiting her sick father-in-law who was just recently placed in a home. Their youngest has lice and she’s fearful the other kids will get them too. Her husband’s job’s not as secure as he’d like and to top it off she’s having more of those hot flashes.

You stop and check yourself. The smile is gone from your face. The weight of your cheeks now droops heavily over your mouth. Your body has slackened into a hunched position. You are now a mirror image of the person. You have been zapped by her toxic contagion and you have lost control.

Mona de-moodivated you. And it worked. Every ounce of energy, every splash of endorphins (those good feelings we get from being upbeat, joyful and positive) and every pleasant thought that ever filtered through your mind has been deleted … gone to the verve vacuum within.

Now there are two of you feeling lowful and woeful. Before too long there will be four and so on and so on and so on . . . Put an end to the cycle now. Moodivate yourself before someone de-moodivates you ~!!~

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