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Program Selection

Categorized as  Lifestyle/Personal Management Skills, here is a list of topics CBL is prepared to present …

“Moodivate Yourself”
Okay, so CBL made the word up … but you have to admit it’s a good one!

Carole's Presentation TopicsToday’s Moodivational Tip:

by deliberately manipulating your lower face into a smile  …
you can trick your mind into believing that you are ‘feeling good’ …
unless of course you choose to bite through your finger entirely …
then that just downright hurts!!


“Humour … Sure Beats Stress”

Humour is an excellent coping skill to survive stressful times. Discover ways to bring your Sense of Humour back to life and experience the benefits first hand in this invigorating session. A mild form of audience participation is required … but it won’t hurt a bit!

“Humour … ‘n the Face of Change”

Are you ready for what the future promises? Prepare yourself for tomorrow by taking a comical look at the past with CBL. Music, props & theatrical ‘body language’ support the story of ‘our past’.

Understand the greatest source of humour we have is within our reach.

“Humour … ‘n the Face of …’The Change'”

A first hand account of the changes women experience in their life … specifically MENOPAUSE!! We might as well gather as women and look at it through our laughing eyes, because it seems to take away the sting of it all!! (30 minutes – 1 hour)

This session is ideally suited for Women’s Health Seminars, Girl’s Night Out or Wellness Fairs.

Life Balance:
“Recycle Yourself … for the Future”

Quieter, gentler and more relaxing times were predicted for the archived 90’s … but we have yet to make significant progress with our frazzled state of mind and body! Insight, inspiration & info

Interpersonal Skills:
“Dealing With the Public … Not Always Easy”

So many people to cater to, to satisfy and to communicate with adds a very challenging component to our roles. Strive for that Win-Win relationship to make your job easier and to relieve some of the stress.

“Non-Verbal Communication … Your Body’s Language”

“Your body speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying!” Become more aware of the language we speak with our actions, expressions, clothing and posture. This will improve your communication style as well as help develop a greater understanding of others.

“My Gift to You … Is Me “

As volunteers, we each represent a different package of skills, personality, interests and motivation.

This entertaining presentation looks at the differences and stresses the uniqueness of each. Learn ways to best enhance your ‘gift’ and make the most of your volunteer effort.


I also enjoy the challenge of customizing a topic according to the needs of your group, as well as work with a particular ‘theme’ you might choose. Please call me if you need more information about my work.