The Cycle | of Giving | continues …

The Cycle of Giving continues …

The cycle of giving continued for us over the recent Christmas season. Please enjoy Part 2 …

Much to my frustration, between December 23rd and the 24th my coffeemaker, phone and dishwasher experienced various forms of ‘kaput.’ I was not happy. I was so not happy I yelled for Joe and pleaded with him “C’mon Joe we need you. Can’t you see how frustrated I am. You think this is funny?” No need to include the expletives.

Midday on the 24th, Vince and I once again attacked the dishwasher to see if we could somehow unplug it to hopefully drain the built up water. In doing so, each time I stuck my oversized hand in, I came away with more cuts to bleed from the jagged metal screen. It was not a pleasant beginning to our festivities.

Interrupted by the doorbell, I answered it. There stood David Fisher, Grand Knight and Joe’s buddy from the Knights of Columbus 14446. He was there to drop off the chalice for us to have with us over Christmas. In handing it over he caught sight of my bleeding hand and asked, “everything okay? Anything I can help you with?”

My response: “Nah we’re good other than being elbow deep into an ailing dishwasher.” He immediately offered to help.

Two hours and several new cuts to his hand later, David announced: “Carole, I’m pretty sure you need a new dishwasher.” He proceeded to outline the reasons why, all of which I chose to ignore. With a deep sigh I assured him that we would manage and our hosting Boxing Day for 30 would be carried out as planned. Although washing by hand would be necessary, it was certainly not worth worrying about. I figured I would deal with a new dishwasher at the end of the week. After apologizing for time and his bloodied hands I thanked him profusely for his efforts, particularly on Christmas Eve.

With barely enough time for my hands to heal, on Boxing Day morning as I was busily preparing for the onslaught of visitors, the doorbell rang. There, standing huddled on my porch as a group of casually attired Christmas elves were four of Joe’s Knights of Columbus ‘brothers.’ And tucked in amongst them was a brand new dishwasher.

In the joy of the moment all I could say was “have you been speaking with Joe?” In unison, “Oh yes.”

Three hours later, the flood in the basement (which I didn’t even know about) was cleared. The pipes were unplugged. The old dishwasher packed up to be taken away. And a beautiful new dishwasher sat proudly in its place ready for action.

How does one possibly show appreciation, return the favour, pay back such a grand gesture of kindness? Somehow I knew a most sincere ‘Thank YOU’ would be sufficient.

The dishwasher ran its first full cycle at 9:45 that night.

We were most appreciative and realized how it truly represented Joe’s credo of perpetual giving … the ‘cycle’ completed itself.

Thank you David Fisher, Jim Eichenberg, Mario Peluso and Frank D’Aurora of the Knights of Columbus 14446, Oakville for your much appreciated efforts. 

PS Shortly after Joe’s death, a very dear friend, Bruno Santia created an initiative in Joe’s Memory: ‘Pay It Forward.’ The goal is to encourage others to put their time and energy to the good of others. I am so grateful to reap the rewards. I now readily accept the same challenge.



  1. Wow! This is an amazing example of how awesome people really are…and particularly awesome friends to an awesome family like your and Joe’s.
    Blessings, Carol, and thank you so much for sharing this.
    I’m most uplifted.


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