FAQs for the Moodivator

Ask Carole - Moodivator FAQsWhy do you call yourself a ‘Moodivational Speaker’?

Because I believe I have the ability to change the mood of the room. My goal is to have some fun with my audiences and ultimately leave them feeling good about the experience and most importantly about themselves. If I can achieve that … I am successful. I can’t promise to improve your life but I can improve your hour.

So what type of presentations do you give and does audience size matter?

I typically deliver keynote addresses. It seems to best suit my high energy and fast paced style. My talks are laced with (attempts of) good humour, so occasional outbursts of appreciation are expected and appreciated.

The large groups don’t scare me as I feed off their energy. However, with smaller groups, I just tone myself down a bit and lower the volume. However if it is an audience of one … that’s counseling and that’s done over coffee ~!!~

What sorts of messages do you deliver?

I enjoy speaking to my audiences as the people they are rather than as what they do for a living. That way we can relate to each other more easily. I share personal anecdotes, I apply creative applications to props and speak with passion about life issues we all face. The messages are simple and the learning is painless. Honest.

What if the topic we want is not on your list?

You suggest the topic and I will determine if it’s something I can speak honestly about, drawing from personal experience. However I do have my limits.

Does it matter whether it’s men or women and what about ages?

If they’re prepared to listen, I’m prepared to speak. It doesn’t matter what their age is or the male-female mix, I am adaptable to the needs of the group.

How long are your presentations?

Well I have spoken for as short as fifteen minutes up to a lengthy three day weekend … but a regular presentation would be upwards to one hour and fifteen minutes. It really depends on the day’s agenda and what time frame best works for your group.

Can you customize your talks?

Absolutely. if you have a particular theme you’re working with, I will gladly weave it into my material. I love the creative challenge.

What can we look forward to if we hire you?

Simply put … warmth, wit and wisdom.

Do I deal with you directly?

Please do … I look forward to it with pleasure.