An all-inclusive | tribute | for this Mother’s Day …

An all-inclusive tribute for this Mother’s Day …

This constitutes a tribute … for this here Mother’s Day

To make it all encompassing … here’s what I’ve got to say

It’s goes out to the women … who gave birth au natural

Who pushed, ‘n farted and let some out … feelin’ what the hell

Who begged for cold cloths & ice chips … as they writhed so painfully

And vowed to not do it ever again … screaming out their guarantee

The ones who got all drugged up … they ordered in advance

At the time of birth they were all stoned … & goo-gooed in a trance

The ones with trouble at the pass … they opted for a cut

The ones who needed stitching … right up to the butt

Then there are the ones who bravely … filled out forms for the unknown

And those who fostered many … loving all just like their own

And too the ones who filled the role … when there was a need

Providing care and guardianship … an angel each indeed

The ones who decided they’d rather not … the ones who could not be

The ones who lapsed the best before date … to make a ba-by

For some it just wasn’t meant to be … not part of the big plan

For some they didn’t care at all … if they even had a man

Some bought sperm from the bank … while others chose a friend

Many fought tooth and nail … their effort could not end

For Mom’s out there everywhere … whether you gave birth or not

And the ones who befriend, teach & coach … and give kids all they got

This tribute goes to all of you … who in some way helped my own

And for being our villager to raise them … even though they are all grown

Thank you for your input … your love and caring way

Whether you are a Mom or not … enjoy this Mother’s Day

One more thing I have to say … it’s my poem, so I can

Sometimes the one most Motherly … is not a woman but a man ~!!~


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