“Mom, what would you like for Mother’s Day this year?” “It’s simple …”

Although I am almost always appreciative of any effort my kid’s make for me on Mother’s Day or any other gift giving day, this year is different.

I have asked them to forget about the big purchase, not worry about the card, bother not to pick up flowers or even be concerned about waking early for the breakfast. Nope. This year what I want from them is simple …

*when something is asked to be done … simply do it now not later

*when it’s time to do laundry … simply do it … sorting, washing, drying, folding and putting away rather than leaving it to be washed again clean

*when something is cooked, created or concocted for nourishment … simply clean up every evidence of it like NO TRACE CAMPING

*when the recycling, garbage or compost containers are full … simply  empty them

*when our home is entered and jackets, shoes or knapsacks are removed …  simply put them away (size 14 shoes take up a lot of room)

*when there’s mail, magazines or packages delivered … simply put it all where it belongs

*when your room is a dump … simply clean it or close the door

*when the dishwasher is full … simply start it or empty it

*when nourishing is complete … simply wash all plates and cutlery by hand or stack the dishwasher

*when the toilet paper is used up … simply place another on the roll

*when the fridge is lacking an item … simply replace it

*when the box is empty … simply remove it from the cupboard and dispose of it

*when you share a home with four others … simply do your part in keeping it clean, organized and presentable … and do it with PRIDE.

And as the symbol of your favourite footwear suggests … JUST DO IT.

Sincerely …

The Mood Mother and Maintenance Manager of Our Home

PS currently there are five big people all sharing our one little crowded bungalow and as you might expect while grocery bills are on the rise, the tolerance level is reaching a low ~!!~




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