Random Acts …

A number of communities have designated this Friday, November 4th as a day to celebrate little things we do for others … a day of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. It is meant to encourage us to get out into our ‘world’ and do some good.

My Nona used to say “do good and you forget; do bad and you always remember.” These words come into play in every interaction we have and every day we live. 

When you ‘do good’ there’s a lot less lingering junk to busy up your conscience. Some ‘do it’ by committing their skills; some commit their time; some commit their cash. Regardless of the ‘how’, Nike states it best “just do it.”

So will you get involved? It doesn’t have to be Friday … any day will do.

And if you choose to ‘do nothing’ and ignore the theme of the day I hope at least you are the recipient of some goodness. Then you will best understand its’ value.

P.S. I know exactly where I’m headed. Armed with my tools and my time I will visit my cemetery of choice to tend to the neglected gardens. It will be quiet; it will be random; and I won’t have to answer to anyone about my actions. Shh please don’t tell them I’m coming. I want it be a surprise ~!!~


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