September 11th … what will you be doing?

A year ago I blogged (9-11) about meeting up with an old friend who lost her husband in the 9-1-1 tragedy. To recap our brief conversation, she mentioned how her dream was to get everyone to acknowledge the ‘day’ by doing a random act of kindness. She envisioned it as a global way to honour the victims by doing one small thing to better our world. I loved the idea. And I didn’t wait for a proclamation to act upon it.

After sharing the idea with my friend Carol Ann we decided to do something we refer to as ‘giving a garden casserole’ (it’s appropriate since neither of us cook). We then visited Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hamilton armed with our  tools and energized to beautify as many ‘forgotten’ gravesights as we could. By the end of our stay we had tended to over thirty such overgrown and neglected areas … and there wasn’t one complaint.

The beauty was not just in the results of our labour but also that we were able to toil undisturbed and execute our random act with little organizational effort. It was so pleasurable and rewarding we have decided to once again arrive unexpectedly to do our ‘Yard Duty thing’.

So, how will you make a positive contribution to the day? It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose or time consuming … just use your imagination and do it. No handshakes, no headlines, no hoopla.

And if you’re local, consider joining us. We’ll be at the cemetery at noon on Tuesday and will work until we can’t. We’d love to see you ~!!~



  1. Wow….you always amaze me, Carole. We all hear words of little acts of heroism and kindness but rarely hear about the feet put to them. What a fabulous idea. (And wouldn’t it be a hoot if hundreds showed up at the cemetery in Hamilton this year?)

  2. Love this Carole! I find myself pondering the “forgotten” myself these days as I tend to a cemetery beloved. I usually watered the adjoining plots this summer as it didn’t seem any of us could get there often enough. It seems others help with the graves they know people care for but next time I’ll think of you and your “garden casserole” and do more than water (and not just the neighbours and tended to either). Thanks.

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