Shhh, the whole world can hear you …

On far too many occasions I have been shushed for speaking too loudly, opening my mouth at the wrong time or interrupting someone’s train of thought with my sound bytes. Each reprimand serves as a reminder to ‘keep it down’. Sometimes I obey and often I forget. Besides there are times when it’s just more fun for everyone to hear and then add their own comments. 

(Exemptions include that one day at the ‘quiet spa’ I raucously enjoyed with my friends, the hot yoga class when I excitedly shared my exuberance for the experience ‘out loud’ and finally, my first confession when I used my outdoor voice.)

But now with the new facebook streams it’s obvious the world can hear everything we have to say and it makes me nervous as well as tentative about posting any message to a friend. It reminds me of the old ‘party lines’ on our phones “ah we better hang up because I think someone’s listening.” Or the coded conversation of my youth when we (my friends) knew our parents were listening, we’d whisper into the phone “yes we are.” Don’t ask me why or the meaning behind it. I have no clue.

So in keeping this post short I’ll share one of my favourite fortune cookie thoughts … “think twice before you speak once.” You just never know who might be eavesdropping.

PS The same can be said for all of those pics your friends have posted and tagged with your name … everyone’s watching too ~!!~



  1. Thank you Carole for the tip, this is my first time doing this type of response. I really do feel naked sometimes when I’ve answered a post of facebook, so sometimes I find I do hold back what a really want to say.

    Again thanks for the tip.

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