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This week on Twitter one of the trends receiving a long list of comments was called ‘what people need to stop’. Of course the tweets ranged from “breathing” to “war”, but it gave me permission to use it as a opportunity to share some from my personal list of “c’mon world, enough is enough.” *#whatpeopleneedtostop […]

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Having a ‘bad day’ …

“I’m having a bad day” is proclaimed far too often and at inopportune times … like while we’re waiting to be served in some capacity. It’s typically issued as a waiver, an excuse of the intolerable behaviour to which we will soon be subjected. Great. And all I wanted was a coffee, black, no creme, […]

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Not again …

When we bought our first SUV, with so much money invested, I expected perfection. I diligently made a list of ailments for the first checkup (funny but I did this with my babies too). High on the list I noted an incessant ‘wind noise’ echoing through my vehicle when traveling over fifty.

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