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“Butt … | it’s in poor taste … |”

“Butt … it’s in poor taste … “ One thing is for certain. Joe and I have shared a lot of laughs over the years. Although we don’t necessarily have the same sense of humour, there has been enough overlap to sustain us. On our honeymoon we got a kick out of spotting the variety […]

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More Learning | Part 3 | … more what I didn’t know |

I didn’t know that, or that … *in a seminar on Read the Labels ( that it’s what’s unwritten on the label that is most important … nutritional claims do not equal nutritional facts; most of it is smoke ‘n mirrors i.e. the label ‘cholesterol free’ is often on products that never had it in […]

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A garden tour to make you smile …

As the ‘Mama Boss’ of a small family landscape business called Yard Duty I recognize that gardens and properties are an extension of not just the home but the homeowner. Supporting that thought for me … on one side is “when you create an environment to boost your spirits … it will.” And on the […]

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The gardening casserole …

Most of us are at a loss for what to do to help someone in need. Regardless of their situation, we often feel helpless and somehow wish we could in some small way ease their pain or sadness or merely lessen their load. I discovered long ago that I was not going to be the […]

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What it takes to grow a healthy garden … it takes to raise a healthy child

As a landscaper I’ve discovered how the planning, preparing and maintaining of a garden is a lot like parenting. Here are some of the valuable tips I’ve dug up …

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