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Releasing the cord to empty the ‘nest’ …

As parents we frequently hear the call to ‘cut the cord’ which implies the letting go of your child from your grasp. I always pictured mine as a bungee cord with each child tightly gripping one end as I squeezed the other. Gradually the length of the cord stretched according to their growth. The distance […]

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“Mom, what would you like for Mother’s Day this year?” “It’s simple …”

Although I am almost always appreciative of any effort my kid’s make for me on Mother’s Day or any other gift giving day, this year is different. I have asked them to forget about the big purchase, not worry about the card, bother not to pick up flowers or even be concerned about waking early […]

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You think you had it bad …

There is something cathartic being a part of woeful discussions. We eagerly await an opportunity to play the game of one downsmanship. Oddly it feels good to vent and to share our misfortune with others.

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The stool … under surveillance

On a junk week family outing, part of our stash included a vintage stool that was desperately screaming for a makeover. I had an idea for it.  It would be a fun addition to the play area in the basement. I had the required supplies collected before the van was unloaded.

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