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Caution … Watch out for those ‘bears’ …

Everyone has a ‘bear’ in their life but do you understand the effect they have on us? They typically leave a wave of destruction in their path and hopefully you aren’t in their way when they do. Here is a humorous scenario that sheds new light on their impact   … CBL Vintage Video: Watch […]

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On the face of time … 8:20 is easy but 10:10 takes work

The other day while I was working at my desk I happened to catch my reflection. I was disturbed by what I saw … not just because I am now living proof of the modified “mirror, mirror on the wall … yikes, I’ve become my mother after all.” No it was more than that. I […]

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Having a ‘bad day’ …

“I’m having a bad day” is proclaimed far too often and at inopportune times … like while we’re waiting to be served in some capacity. It’s typically issued as a waiver, an excuse of the intolerable behaviour to which we will soon be subjected. Great. And all I wanted was a coffee, black, no creme, […]

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