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An all-inclusive | tribute | for this Mother’s Day …

An all-inclusive tribute for this Mother’s Day … This constitutes a tribute … for this here Mother’s Day To make it all encompassing … here’s what I’ve got to say It’s goes out to the women … who gave birth au natural Who pushed, ‘n farted and let some out … feelin’ what the hell […]

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The Mothering gene … This message is for all of the individuals in the world who are blessed with the mothering gene. This specialized group differs from those bearing the title (no pun) of Mother. They are male, they are female, and are all ages. Many are childless. They care; they nurture; they encourage; they support: and […]

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Mother Moments …

Whether you are a Mom, an aunt, a teacher, coach or mentor to young people I’m sure there have been moments with them that touched your heart. It could have been in the form of a tickle, a jolting jab or maybe even a wrenching squeeze. I challenge you to think of some of them […]

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“Mom, what would you like for Mother’s Day this year?” “It’s simple …”

Although I am almost always appreciative of any effort my kid’s make for me on Mother’s Day or any other gift giving day, this year is different. I have asked them to forget about the big purchase, not worry about the card, bother not to pick up flowers or even be concerned about waking early […]

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