What they say about CBL …

Testimonials for Carole, MoodivatorCarole Bertuzzi Luciani – The Moodivator. Wind her up and let her go! — Tom Knowlton, CKCO- TV

“Moodivator (mu:d:iveit:or) (n) one who inspires through a combination of mood (frank, festive, funny) and motivation (it’s a new day with a big horizon).

Carole has a knack for finding meaning from everyday experiences and conveying that inspiration authentically. She cultivates a creative, humanist vision that she is able to articulate with scores of anecdotes and Moodivator tips. Hilarity ensues.

When Carole starts talking, there’s instant connection, laughter comes easily and you think of possibilities that you hadn’t considered before. As a colleague, I’ve always felt that when I’m with her my work is better thought out, and my thoughts are better worked out.”

Carole Bertuzzi Luciani lights up the room! All women can identify with Carole’s stories, laughing along with her until tears run down our legs (if you know what I mean). High energy, polished and practical, Carole is a versatile speaker with broad appeal. I have had Carole speak on several occasions and every single time, she left us wanting more.

— Anne Miner
Director, Public Speakers Association

“Carole has been our keynote of choice since 2000 for the annual OPTIONS Conference. We charge her with the task of jump-starting a two-day event for 150 women, and she never fails us: she gets the participants inspired, motivated and ready to make change in their lives — her special brand of down-to-earth humour engages the audience immediately, and her keen understanding of human vulnerabilities enables her to target her presentations with great impact. Over 1000 OPTIONS participants have had the pleasure of hearing Carole speak, and she is consistently rated as “excellent” in evaluations — the majority of the participants take the time to write a narrative comment about the positive impact that Carole had on them.

In planning an OPTIONS conference, our top two priorities are ensuring that the venue is available, and ensuring that Carole is available — Carole is, indeed, an amazing “moodivator”, and we would revisit timing to ensure that she is our keynote.”

— Debra Perras, OPTIONS Conference

“When I started my business, I knew that my first speaker had to be Carole Bertuzzi Luciani because she was such fun, a true professional and would create the atmostphere I wanted with the women in the group. Since then I have started another chapter, and again Carole was my opening speaker. She puts such energy and creativity into her presentations, everyone just relaxes and enjoys her talk and can relate to what she has to say.”

— Anne Day,
Company of Women

More Kudos:

“Carole was great! She got us to open up, enjoy ourself and relax … everyone should attend this session!”

“Wow! She is Canada’s best kept secret!”

“Very effective, enjoyable & applicable to everyday life … a fantastic speaker.”

“What can I say? My cheek muscles are sore from laughing. I left the session feeling terrific!”

“Excellent! Terrific! Wonderful! I wish I could take her home with me!”

“Carole made me want to go home and start changing a few things about me!”

“Her sense of humour breaks all barriers!”

“Everyone should hear and see Carole. Every minute was a pleasure!”

“Very interesting material presented in an exciting manner!”

“Fully humourous, stress relieving and definitely fun!”

“This session made me look in the mirror & gave me some tips to lighten up!”

“Carole is a superb presenter & teacher. Her pace, creativity and imagination not only enhance the strong message but gets you to learn it without realizing!”

“Enlightening, thought provoking and very enjoyable!”

“What can I say. This woman is ‘Funtastic”and her message is so true!”

“Great message with a flair . . . What a breath of fresh air!”

“No matter how often I hear Carole, I still find her an incredible source of enjoyment and stress relief!”

“Carole was clear, honest and very funny. I enjoyed it thoroughly and give credit to Carole because no one else can match her!”

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