What it takes to grow a healthy garden … it takes to raise a healthy child

As a landscaper I’ve discovered how the planning, preparing and maintaining of a garden is a lot like parenting.

Here are some of the valuable tips I’ve dug up …

* To grow a beautiful healthy garden requires a major investment of your time and energy

* Have a plan for how you would like to grow your garden … to give you the parameters you need to work within

* Never plant a garden to emulate your neighbours

* Determine the best environment for optimal growth of your plants and remember … all plants bloom at different times

* Just because a plant isn’t doing well one season, doesn’t mean you have to pull it out

* Although plants need their space to flourish … they still require ongoing nourishment and attention.

* Even if you prefer a garden that grows wild … at some point pruning is necessary

*Just because there are weeds all around … doesn’t mean there isn’t a bud lost somewhere in the middle looking for light

* Be patient … plants need time to achieve their full growth and beauty

* Be open to sharing gardening resources with others … you will discover while your garden is unique, the problem it might present is not

* The greatest joy is sitting back and savouring the beauty of your garden.

PS … and remember once you have a garden the work is never ending ~!!~

Written by The Boss of Yard Duty  … yard-duty@cogeco.ca

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